FVC International is a dynamic import and export brand and one of the leading players in the global fresh produce sector. 

We have built strong relationships with the leading growers in South Africa, which means that we always have access to the best fresh produce the country has to offer. They choose to partner with us because of the incredible value we add to their business. Our farmers grow their fruit with great care and attention to detail. When it is perfectly ripe, it is hand-picked, with only the best selected and delivered to us in absolute perfect condition. To ensure that our products are packed to local and international protocols, we have enlisted the support of some of the country’s most state-of-the-art packing facilities.

These pack houses have the capacity to process large quantities of fresh produce on a daily basis. All of them also have standardised procedures in place that put cleanliness and food safety at a premium. Workers take the utmost precautions when handling and packing the fruit. Our facilities strictly adhere to the highest standards and are regularly audited, giving our customers peace of mind that they are getting the best quality produce to pass on to their consumers. Once the fruit has been packed, it is ready to go into the container and be transported to the harbour, from where it will head to its final destination many thousands of kilometers away.


Throughout the entire process, the cold chain is never broken. This ensures that the fruit arrives on the shelf as fresh as the day it was picked. For us it’s important to establish long-term business relationships with our growers, packers, customers and global partners. We view this as the key to our future success. Apart from being a trusted exporter of quality fruit and vegetables, we are also South Africa’s leading importer of fresh produce.


In fact, FVC International is setting the benchmark in international fresh produce import and export. The industry connections we have established over a period of more than 20 years enable us to make the most of every opportunity that crosses our path.


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